The solution of the tutorial and menu

Behemothmeny (1).jpgThe menu

The second last week we got to know that one of our graphic artists had dropped out from the course and we missed 50% of the material and the time limit was small and stressful. We decided for me as a game designer with earlier experience to do her work and one of the biggest feature we had left was the menu and tutorial. I came up with the idea and made it as quick as I could.

I decided to make a simple design for the menu with a girl leaning against a wall and smoking while a town blew up behind her and the text on the right side of the image. I quickly animated the smoke so it had something more to it and make the design more interesting.

The design was the most simple but yet interesting for the player. There is many things I would have changed, such as the art style would match the rest of the game a lot better and not be so rushed. Have a more moving background with many aspect from the game and introduce the different enemies. With this background you do not really get a feeling of what the game is and what you are going to do in it.

In the intro/tutorial scene I wanted to make something more to the game and create a story. The intro scene starts and we jump right into the story of how you steal the Behemoth: ”In the autumn of 1969 the worlds most dangerous villains was sent to a top secret assignment in Dallas, Texas. The objective: steal the U.S Army’s most powerful weapon, the Behemoth.”

Our main character talks over radio to her boss, Bylvester Ballone, who tells her how to control the Behemoth. Then the first level begins. This was the most rushed of all the things in the game, I did the entire intro scene the night before the final playtest, I took some of the script from the movie Tropic Thunder and had many spelling error. Something that the players saw and asked a lot about, nothing made any sense and took away from the game feel and aesthetics.

intro4.pngOne scene from the tutorial

Eira Saastamoinen – Team Gnoll

Game Design Student



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